Christmas Playlist 2019

Six more days and it is Christmas 2019!

Indeed, how time flies! Such a cliched thing to say and yet so true 🙂 It only seemed like yesterday when it was Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 but here we are: one more Christmas season to enjoy and celebrate and one more new year to welcome.

My wish is that this season, we will remember the TRUE Reason for this Season, extend His love to others and seek His guidance in how we should face forward the coming year.

Having said that, I am sharing with you a Christmas playlist I found on YouTube. The songs are from Jose Mari Chan who has been famously associated with the Christmas season here in the Philippines, thanks to his meaningful Christmas hits.

Listen and enjoy!

Discover What’s Standing Between You and Your Success in Preventing Hair Loss

There comes a time in your life that you have to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you decide to change your life for the better. Who doesn’t want to become accomplished? Even the “gifted” and brilliant ones have to pay the price so as to realize their goals in life.

When we fail to eat on time, get enough exercise or sleep between seven to nine hours a day, we’re compromising our health and wellness as we reduce the maximum extent that our body must function. Consequently, the effects in our body may extend and manifest as early warning signs of hair loss.

Take it from celebrity beauty and salon expert Fanny “TF” Serrano, who once personally experienced such an ordeal.  For him, avoiding harsh synthetic solutions and choosing to use the right products with natural ingredients is a must and still the best way to deal with mane problems like losing or thinning of the hair. 

With this in mind, embracing natural healthy lifestyle is so important to achieve optimal health, best physical condition and healthy full head of hair. Health products made out of natural ingredients are way effective for better healing and maintaining our body’s lifelong function than those of synthetic ones. Rather than investing in those branded shampoos or other hair treatments, there’s a natural way to help arrest hair loss and help remedy its four early symptoms, namely, excessive hair shedding, thinning hair, receding hair line, and bald patches. This is none other than NOVUHAIR, nature’s answer to hair loss.

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The Allure of Classical Music

Somehow, I’m back to listening to classical music tonight.

I am a fan of different kinds of music including classical music. I first heard it during my elementary years and somehow, it has caught my interest.

At one point, I even dreamed of being part of an orchestra, playing it 🙂

Well, being a classical musician has not been part of my life path but it has not taken away that place of my heart which has been smitten by it.

Classical music, I think, does not only meet you today as you listen to it but it also invites you to imagine life then when this music first found its audience.

Somehow, it helps connect me to a beautiful, melodic past. And today, it is powerful still in its invitation for me to enjoy its pure allure.