When Being Ageless Is Not Good News

Most women I know would appreciate being told they are ageless.

This would mean that they have stayed looking good, appearing fit despite their age.

Well, I like being told I’m ageless 🙂

A few months back I was able to see the 2015 released movie The Age of Adaline. It features the beautiful Blake Lively. It also stars the veteran actor, Harrison Ford.

The movie traces the intriguing story of Adaline, the woman who stopped aging. As the years go on and on, she stayed 29 years old.

While there are other themes explored in the story like love lost and found (or redefined), what caught my attention was the reality that not everything we might desire would always be good for us.

We might like, want to look ageless, be ageless but can we really enjoy it while others, our loved ones particularly, continue to age?

The years take a toll on them and they ultimately pass away while we remain the same. We see this in the movie as Adaline’s daughter ages, as her dog ages and dies while she remains beautiful and untouched by the passing years.

What a lonely life it appeared to be. What a lonely life it can be. To be ageless is not always good news.

New Beginnings

And now we begin.

What was just a thought, a wish a couple of months back has turned into reality.

I had wanted to start one more blog.

I’ve started blogging way back when Friendster was still a thriving social media site. (Yes, I know it gives away my age. I’m not really hiding the fact that I’m moving in the 4th decade of my life). But writing posts via Friendster then was not one that I did consistently.

It was in 2011 when I started to blog regularly. Thanks to the encouragement of a friend. This was my very first blog post then. I remember wondering if I could really keep at blogging and perhaps earn some bucks from it as well 🙂 I even worried if people would be reading my posts.

Well, 6 years have passed and I’m still at it.

Today, thanks again to another blogger friend’s generosity, I begin one more blog. All Woman Live is the fulfillment of that wish many months back for one more blog. (Actually, I ended up starting two blogs this month).

I hope you, my dear reader, will gain something from this blog. Perhaps a dose of inspiration or some needed information.

While I would like to address women readers, if you are of the opposite sex reading this now, well, you are welcome to this site, too.

For what better way to understand a notch better what women need, what interests them than by taking time to read something written by a woman, for women.

Perhaps, this blog could help, you, too, as you continue to love and cherish the women in your life (wife or girlfriend, mother, grandmother, daughter) and to esteem better other women nearby (co-worker, boss, classmate, neighbor).

And so we begin.