10 Things to Do to Build New Friendships/Relationships By the New Year

Whether we are single or not, I think we can all have more fun and better health when we engaged in relationships and build new ones. However, building new relationships can be a struggle among single people at times.

Let’s face it and I’m speaking from my long years of being single. Sometimes we become so used to being by ourselves, doing our own thing, being with the same group of people. And when we continue on this path year after year, we don’t really get to know new people and possibly date someone new.

Again from my experience and that of my friends, we had to invest time and energy (and even resources!) to be able to meet new people to build lasting friendships and for some to build relationships that paved the way to the altar.

So really, we have to welcome new things. New way of doing things. And it is the new year. It really is time for the new. (Okay. Overemphasis of the word “new” in this paragraph.)

Allow me then to tell you some new things you can consider doing on New Year’s Eve that can possibly pave the way for new friendships and relationships. Here we go:

1. Join a party or gathering outside of your own family circle and usual circle of friends.

Of course, if you stick to the same group of people, you won’t really meet someone new. Spend time with your family and gang on other days but for this coming new year’s eve, try something new. (Okay, you can tag along one or two of your singles buddies to the party/gathering).

Now, don’t tell me you have no idea which party/gathering to go to. Ask around, read up, scour social media, check out establishments (hotels, events center) in your area which can be sponsoring new year’s eve party or countdown events. Go out. Mingle.

2. Organize your own party/countdown event.

Well, if you can’t find an event to your liking, why not organize your own? And since you are the host, it can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. And it can be as fun as you like.

For this you may consider inviting some close family members and friends but MAKE SURE you invite new people, too. So it makes sense that before this new year’s eve event, you should already have a list of who to possibly invite, worked out the costs, the venue. This can be really fun, you know 🙂

3. Go online.

Yes, go online and connect with new people. This was what a couple of my friends did. They went on and tried dating sites and actually met their future husbands online. Yup, this happens more times than we know.

If you are based in UK, you can try out dating site uk . This can be something new for you but check it out and consider giving it a try. The international dating site to check: welovedates.com.

4. Hang out at a music club.

Okay, you may add hang out at a dance club, too. I just prefer the music club (like jazz club or folk music club) because I prefer listening/playing music than dancing 🙂 Many of these clubs stay open past midnight.

The point is that just by being at a place where you can enjoy something you like, like listening/playing music and dancing will bring you in the company of new people who love the same things you do.

5. Travel to a new place.

Why not? Travelling can open up new things for you to experience and yes, to meet new people.

A few days before new year’s eve, drive, sail or fly away to another city, country and celebrate there in the midst of new people, new culture even. Bring along a friend for fun and for safety (!). It’s a new place, culture after all.

6. Go on a cruise and welcome the New Year at sea.

Check out any New Year cruises and float your way to new experiences and meeting new people as the clock strikes 12.

7. Attend a concert or dinner concert.

Some hotels, clubs and key venues would hold a concert or concert dinner in time for new year’s eve. This is one way for you to meet new people and just in case you don’t, at least you enjoyed the music and/or dinner.

8. If you love playing music or singing, organize or join a jamming session.

This was one that my single friends actually did several years ago. And it was a blast! We enjoyed singing and playing live music to welcome the new year. They also made sure to invite new people to the group who either could play, sing or just enjoy live music. Some dating relationships were later on birthed from that event. This is a fun and cool way to meet new people on new year’s eve.

9. If you love games, organize or join a game night.

I have single friends who have done this. Board games, card games or video games — have fun and meet new people in the process. If you do the organizing, you can always ask your friends to bring their friends or contacts that you may not have met yet.

10. If you love literature or creative writing, organize or join a poetry reading.

My friends and I used to organize poetry readings and we met so many new people in the process! Attendees can either share what they have written themselves or works from writers they love. This common love for words actually paved the way for relationships (and marriages!) later on.

Let the new year be a time to meet new people. And for that to happen, do something different and fun, too, for a change 🙂

5 Cost-Free Things to Do with Your Date in Aberdeen During Autumn

Scotland’s 3rd largest city, Aberdeen, is a harbor city on its northeast coast. It is considered as an important sea port, regional center and nothing less than the hub of the North Sea oil industry.

As one walks through the streets of Aberdeen, it unashamedly shows how the past can thrive with the present. One can see the romance of the old life and the beating of all things new as structures and buildings of ages past and of the present stand tall side by side.

It is a city where possibilities can be glanced at every corner for while it has known spots, it also has spaces where one must take the time to search and savor perhaps more so during Autumn. Autumn, after all, is said to be the most picturesque time to visit Aberdeen.

Like most cities that do not fear to embrace both its past and present, Aberdeen has its spaces for those who aspire to start and strengthen their relationships. These include places where Aberdeen dating can be fun, light and perhaps in the end, truly lasting.

Here are the things you can do in the city where you and your date can do for free and still have the time of your life in Aberdeen:

  1. Catch the autumn sunrise together. Sunrise is almost always a spectacular show in the sky and many would say more so, in this part of Scotland. To catch this natural art in the sky, you only have to go to one of Aberdeen’s beaches which is really just 10 minutes from the city center. And of course, you can enjoy a stroll along the beach as well. This is something that Aberdeen singles can just do to relax and enjoy.

    Aberdeen Beach
  2. Relive history together as you visit the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. Take note that the Aberdeen harbor is one of the oldest in the world. There are plenty of things to see and talk about while you are there.
  3. Seek out the beauty of art as you check out the Aberdeen Art Gallery.  Its art gallery features works from the 15th century to present day. Be aware that the museum also hosts free lunch hour concerts and lectures! Other museums which are free to visit are the Marischal College and Museum which is the 2nd largest granite structure in the world and Provost Skene’s House. 

    Aberdeen Art Gallery. Photo: Colin Smith
  4. Don’t forget to take a walking tour of old Aberdeen. Your time in Aberdeen wouldn’t be complete without exploring together the Old Aberdeen which has some of the most beautiful architecture in the city. Also free to tour are the King’s College founded in 1495 and the St. Machar’s Cathedral, which dates back to the 19th century.
  5. Before you call it a day, stop over at the Aberdeen Harbor. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the harbor is Britain’s oldest business, having been established in 1136. Even as you take in all the activity of the port along with the fresh breeze, you and your date can also try to  catch sight of seals and dolphins which usually play near the entrance.

    Aberdeen Harbor. Photo: Russ Hamer

One can indeed enjoy the city of Aberdeen without emptying one’s pocket even as the Christmas season may be drawing near. Aside from experiencing the beauty and history that the city has to offer, what better way (or best way!) to do it with your date or with someone who now holds not just your hand but also your heart.

True Love and Friendship Found After 40

As a child, I heard stories about how my parents as well as uncles and aunts got to meet each other and how they ended up having a love story which led all the way to the wedding altar.

Their stories seemed so uncomplicated: my parents lived in neighboring houses while attending university, one of my uncles was introduced to his future wife by a common friend, another uncle met the future mother of his children while she was working with his sister (my Mom). All of them met in their 20s.

Well, the dating scene can be different when men and women reach their 30s, even in their 40s.

Those in their 40s are usually highly independent now and quite successful in their careers. Some have come out of previous relationships, some out of difficult marriages.

They know themselves better; they know life better than those in their 20s or 30s. They also have a clearer picture not only with what they want in a relationship but what they can also give. The hazy and heady days of dating in their younger years are now seen with a backdrop of reality.

Going through the lengthy time of dating may no longer be that appealing to the 40s lady and gentleman.

And I am writing all the above observation based on at least 3 other female friends in their 40s who not only showed me that love of the romantic kind can still blossom well in their age but that it can also be found ONLINE 🙂

Yes, all 3 friends found new love thanks to an online dating site!  To be honest, when they first started telling me that they met this special guy they were dating online, I was quite skeptical. After all, this was not how I found love (or was found by love!) myself.

One of these 3 friends also told me that she was also skeptical at first if finding a date through sites like older-dating.com would work. But several months into finding  a date online, she became ecstatic in telling me that she was not just dating anymore but she was already in a relationship with this guy!

As their communication continued to flow freely and they took steps to finally cross each other’s computer and phone screens as well as the geographical distance, I began to clearly see that indeed what they had was for keeps.

Eventually marriage plans were in place. And today my friend is one blissful wife to one happy husband.

And if you ask me how did my two other friends fare in their online dating experience, all has been sunny as well. Their stories were also capped with walking down the aisle in white lace.

Well, I did have one other friend who also tried exploring a dating site who did not end up marrying they guy she dated. But she told me that she learned so much from the experience.

In this day and age and of technology, she said, we need not stay by our lonesome self in a lonely corner. We have easy access to good dates and good friendships if only we welcome new ways of doing things and be willing to embrace new experiences.

Well said.

Finding a new love, a new friend is always possible even when you’re in your 40s.