The Allure of Classical Music

Somehow, I’m back to listening to classical music tonight.

I am a fan of different kinds of music including classical music. I first heard it during my elementary years and somehow, it has caught my interest.

At one point, I even dreamed of being part of an orchestra, playing it 🙂

Well, being a classical musician has not been part of my life path but it has not taken away that place of my heart which has been smitten by it.

Classical music, I think, does not only meet you today as you listen to it but it also invites you to imagine life then when this music first found its audience.

Somehow, it helps connect me to a beautiful, melodic past. And today, it is powerful still in its invitation for me to enjoy its pure allure.

5 Cost-Free Things to Do with Your Date in Aberdeen During Autumn

Scotland’s 3rd largest city, Aberdeen, is a harbor city on its northeast coast. It is considered as an important sea port, regional center and nothing less than the hub of the North Sea oil industry.

As one walks through the streets of Aberdeen, it unashamedly shows how the past can thrive with the present. One can see the romance of the old life and the beating of all things new as structures and buildings of ages past and of the present stand tall side by side.

It is a city where possibilities can be glanced at every corner for while it has known spots, it also has spaces where one must take the time to search and savor perhaps more so during Autumn. Autumn, after all, is said to be the most picturesque time to visit Aberdeen.

Like most cities that do not fear to embrace both its past and present, Aberdeen has its spaces for those who aspire to start and strengthen their relationships. These include places where Aberdeen dating can be fun, light and perhaps in the end, truly lasting.

Here are the things you can do in the city where you and your date can do for free and still have the time of your life in Aberdeen:

  1. Catch the autumn sunrise together. Sunrise is almost always a spectacular show in the sky and many would say more so, in this part of Scotland. To catch this natural art in the sky, you only have to go to one of Aberdeen’s beaches which is really just 10 minutes from the city center. And of course, you can enjoy a stroll along the beach as well. This is something that Aberdeen singles can just do to relax and enjoy.

    Aberdeen Beach
  2. Relive history together as you visit the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. Take note that the Aberdeen harbor is one of the oldest in the world. There are plenty of things to see and talk about while you are there.
  3. Seek out the beauty of art as you check out the Aberdeen Art Gallery.  Its art gallery features works from the 15th century to present day. Be aware that the museum also hosts free lunch hour concerts and lectures! Other museums which are free to visit are the Marischal College and Museum which is the 2nd largest granite structure in the world and Provost Skene’s House. 

    Aberdeen Art Gallery. Photo: Colin Smith
  4. Don’t forget to take a walking tour of old Aberdeen. Your time in Aberdeen wouldn’t be complete without exploring together the Old Aberdeen which has some of the most beautiful architecture in the city. Also free to tour are the King’s College founded in 1495 and the St. Machar’s Cathedral, which dates back to the 19th century.
  5. Before you call it a day, stop over at the Aberdeen Harbor. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the harbor is Britain’s oldest business, having been established in 1136. Even as you take in all the activity of the port along with the fresh breeze, you and your date can also try to  catch sight of seals and dolphins which usually play near the entrance.

    Aberdeen Harbor. Photo: Russ Hamer

One can indeed enjoy the city of Aberdeen without emptying one’s pocket even as the Christmas season may be drawing near. Aside from experiencing the beauty and history that the city has to offer, what better way (or best way!) to do it with your date or with someone who now holds not just your hand but also your heart.

Launching of an Exclusive Private Sanctuary Inspired by the Silk Road

If you are wondering where it is, it is right there in Hainan, China.

A new chapter in the fabled history of China’s ancient Maritime Silk Road is written with the imminent opening on Capella Sanya.

The private sanctuary promises to “set a new benchmark for China’s luxury beach resorts” – inspired by the legendary voyages of seafarers trading between China, Southeast Asia, India, the Arabian Peninsula, Somalia and all the way to Egypt and finally Europe between the 2nd-century BCE and 15th century.

Capella Sanya – a collaboration between one of the world’s pre-eminent luxury brands Capella Hotel Group and Chinese developer China Gezhouba Group Real Estate – pays homage to a Silk Road legend surrounding its location in secluded TuFu Bay on the southern coast of tropical Hainan Island.

China’s southern island of Hainan was a major transit point for the trade in merchandise from silk, porcelain and lacquerware to spices, rosewood and Lingnan-style bronzeware.

And it was here, in the 14th century that Persian traders reputedly sheltered from a devastating typhoon before earning a fortune from their precious cargo and naming the haven “Blessed Bay”, translating to TuFu Bay in Chinese, in gratitude of their lucky escape from calamity.

With 190 exquisitely-designed rooms and villas amid lush gardens, overlooking the South China Sea, Capella Sanya is now uniquely inviting guests to embrace this legend in Maritime Silk Road history.

Themed and designed as a “collaborative art piece” by two of the world’s most celebrated, visionary ‘starchitects’, Jean-Michel Gathy and Bill Bensley, it is one of the hospitality industry’s most-anticipated openings in 2018.

In styling Capella Sanya, the two world-renowned designers drew inspiration from a Chinese trader’s adventures along the historic trade route, encapsulating the rich culture and heritage of ethnic communities along the way Capella Sanya is not only a beach resort, but also a private sanctuary with intimate spaces and extraordinary places.

Combined with contemporary design method and Chinese architectural essence, eastern complex and elegance flow from every detail. Natural elements such as water, wood and rocks can be seen everywhere, which reflect nature itself, stem from nature and meanwhile completely into nature which reviles the most expressive way of oriental spirit.

“With the combined creative genius of Jean-Michel Gathy and Bill Bensley, Capella Sanya guests will enjoy a variety of meticulously crafted experiences on a themed journey across the New Silk Road,” said general manager Yngvar Stray. Details will not be unveiled until the opening, scheduled towards the end of this year.

But along with Capella’s renowned for spectacular, luxurious hospitality, landscape design and recreational facilities, the legendary trade route is referenced from grand design to each section of the extraordinary journey.

A traditional Chinese tea house symbolises the start of the Silk Road, and a destination spa at the other, with a Moroccan hammam, snow cabin and treatments inspired by Eastern traditions, and the complex tastes of culture along the maritime Silk Road offered by six distinctive restaurants, where the calm azure sea meets the golden sand. Unwind and find peace private sanctuary, or wander the endless space offered by this idyllic resort.

Just 45-minutes from Sanya International Airport, Capella Sanya offers 190 exquisitely-designed rooms and villas amid lush gardens, overlooking the South China Sea. Inspired by the beautiful elements of nature and the area’s famous and often mysterious Maritime Silk Road trade history, the accommodation blends contemporary comforts with multiple opportunities to enjoy the peace and seclusion of the resort as a whole.

Private pools, terrace dining, dedicated Capella service and modern international dining set the scene for a retreat on the beach. Capella Sanya is open for reservations from November 15, 2018. To book your stay, please visit, or contact our reservation team at

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