Facing Your Fear in Starting Your Small Business

So, you’ve thought about starting your own business. Perhaps you feel a mixture of excitement and fear. Well, let me assure you that would-be entrepreneurs share those same feelings. However, it is fear that can cause you to delay starting your business and it can even stop you from starting one. So how can you face your fear that’s stopping you, delaying you from making your business dream a reality?

  1. Consider where the fear is coming from. While people may tell us that it is fear that’s stopping them from a pursuing a business dream or career, chances are the source of their fears can be different. On deeper probing, one might say that it is fear of failure that is stopping her, one might say that it is because she is uncertain if there is a market for her products or services. Still, one might say that she is afraid of starting a business by herself and would want a family member or a friend to start it with. Different reasons require different solutions. And so, determining your source of fear can help you better in facing that fear.  
  2. Prepare yourself. Sometimes the fear comes from the uncertainty if you can really do something you want. It can also arise from the deeper feelings of insecurity. And so, I think it is important to make sure you are prepared, equipped, trained. For example, you are an excellent cook, but you do not have as many recipes you wish you are knowledgeable enough should you pursue a catering business. What you can then do is to consider enrolling in a cooking or culinary class. If you have friends who run restaurants, perhaps you can ask if you can help in their kitchens and learn from their cooks/chefs or serve as an apprentice.
  3. Staff your weakness. The fear may stem from the awareness of your skill limitations and the answer to this is to staff your weakness. For instance, if you are planning to start tutorial classes in your neighborhood but you are not very good in promoting your services, then consider asking a family member or a friend to help you in that area. If you have children, enlist them in your team as well. You might be surprised how good they are in designing and printing flyers for you and in creating a social media or online presence of your business. Don’t do it alone, ask help from others. 
  4. Learn from the experiences of others. Knowledge can give you a certain confidence and can help you face your fears. You can gain knowledge and learn from others but not necessarily in a classroom type setting. You can learn from your interaction, observation and even reading from the experiences of others like Chrissy Weems for instance. Intentionally seek out other entrepreneurs, ask them questions, get mentored by them. Know their success stories and even their failures or mistakes so you will not repeat them. Focus on entrepreneurs who have similar products or services that you plan to have. But also learn the principles behind the success of products and services that may be dissimilar to yours but are nonetheless applicable to yours.

The 4 things I mentioned above are certainly not the 100 percent solution in facing your fear in starting your own small business. But I certainly hope they will help build the way in conquering your fear so that you may gain wings and soar towards your dream business success.

Don’t Hesitate to Seek for Help

I was recently invited to speak at an event for youth leaders and I became even more aware that sometimes people (not just the youth) hesitate and even neglect to seek help when they encounter problems in the following areas:

Depression. When the usual things that you enjoy in life loses meaning and you experience these symptoms for 2 weeks or more, then it’s time to seek help from a mental health professional. Depression is considered a top risk factor or the leading cause of suicide.

Even today, some still do not find it comfortable to seek help for depression. But help is available, one does not need to suffer depression alone and be defeated by it. When you think about it, when we suffer from other illnesses like diabetes we go to a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment or medication. Depression needs to be viewed that way, so that it would ease the suffering for those who undergo it as well as their families.

Finances. I have heard several stories of people get into huge debts as well as those who fall into financial scams. I have observed that those who go into these huge debts seem to have failed to consider the repercussion of their financial decisions. Some suffer from impulse buying, some also have deeper personal or family issues that led them to such a financial mess.

Those who fall into these financial scams got hooked into a get-rich-quick mindset. All they could think about is just accumulating money, never mind even if they bend some rules in doing so.

If only those who got into this financial messes sought out the advice of a financial advisor or even from those of friends who are experienced in business and finance, then they and their families would not have to suffer from their flawed financial decisions. But I think that if a person is willing to rise back again from what may be a financial fall, there is hope. He or she can still turn around her situation with the help of others.

Legal Concerns. Unfortunately, we still live in an unjust world. And there are times when people take advantage you, harm you or injure you. These are the times when you may need to seek out the help of a legal professional for your protection and for you to access resources or receive compensation for any damage they have incurred on your property or on your person. You need people to be on your side, those who can understand you and speak for you, even fight for you when necessary. When you have suffered injury from the neglect of others, you may consult personal injury attorney Tampa.

When you suffer from depression or face financial and legal concerns, seek also the support from your family or friends or from your spiritual advisors. You are not meant to suffer alone in this life. And do not delay in seeking help. The longer you take in doing it, the more difficult it might become in solving it.

It’s okay to seek help. And when others seek your help and support, do what you also can and refer them to experts when needed.