Kristel de Catalina, Spiral Pole Dancing and Reaching for Your Dreams

I admit it that from my corner of the world I do not really know Kristel de Catalina.

I also admit that I am not familiar with spiral pole dancing.

And then I saw Kristel perform spiral pole dancing for her audition in Pilipinas Got Talent.

Her performance was breathtaking, perfect. All the judges were impressed- Vice Ganda even pushed the golden buzzer sending Kristel straight to the Semi-finals.

Her performance during the Semi-finals was again flawless.

The judges talked about Kristel’s dedication to her son (she’s a single parent) during her performances as something that was inspiring.

I also want to highlight one other thing that’s inspiring of her performance.

Kristel is clearly passionate about dancing but at one point this passion or dream had to take the backseat as she fell in love, had a child. It appears that this romantic episode she had had with a man did not lead to forever.

That must have been heartbreaking.

But she found her dream, her dance again. And we are all lifted up, just a bit higher in experiencing beauty, hope, joy as she dances before us.

Kristel, keep dancing. May God bless you and lead you onward in living your dream.

To me personally, you are already THE winner 🙂


Finding Pharmacy Discount Cards That Really Work

Most pharmacies in the world today including the US, no longer limit themselves to just selling medicines.

They have also gone on to sell cosmetics or beauty products and even groceries. This is not a bad thing, really. This spells convenience for their patrons and if I may so, especially for us women. We can do our shopping for our beauty needs, groceries and that much-needed medicine or vitamin for us or for our loved one – all in one go.

This diversification of what pharmacies now sell to us can also save us on fuel or fare costs. So, we could say then that this means convenience and savings. This is the kind of pharmacy I would go for, along with being open for 24 hours, having a helpful and efficient staff and selling quality and affordable medicines.

Speaking of affordable medicines, it will also be much appreciated if a pharmacy honors discount cards like that of dulera discount card. This would be truly helpful as medications (including that for asthma) can be costly.

Our savings can then go to other things we also need to purchase right there in the pharmacy such as that new lotion or even that food item available in their grocery section.

Now, we must take note here that some discount cards may unfortunately not work. Or if they work, the price cut might turn out to be less than what other discount cards offer. So how do we ensure that we are holding the right discount card? I could think of 3 things.  

Do some research. Know more about this discount card. Compare it with other discount cards. What sets it apart? Is it more cost-efficient than the others? This can easily be done online.

Read reviews. What are the experiences of others like in using this discount card? Did it work for them? If it did not, why so? Would they even recommend this? Reviews can be found online as well.

Just try it. Well, sometimes we just need to do the trial and error ourselves 😊 This is especially true if there are no reviews or comments about it yet. We just have to try it and perhaps “pioneer” putting our own review out there so that we can also help others seeking reviews or information about it.

Go ahead then. Don’t shy away from using discount cards the next time you drop by the pharmacy. And when you find that discount card that works, use it well.

Coping With Those Difficult Days

How do you cope with those difficult days?

Those days when you would rather stay in bed and cry. Those days when you question whether there are still good and happy times ahead of you.

I have experienced those difficult times, too. These are the things that help me cope:

  1. Making a list of things that I am grateful for. Doing this never fails to help dispel any negativity in my mind or pain in my heart. This helps me see that despite the “bad things” that may be plaguing me now, so many good things have happened as well. This creates a spark of hope in me. 
  2. Listening to a worship song. Somehow, listening to a worship song changes the environment around me and inside me 🙂  For maximum effect, if I may say so, I listen to a whole playlist of worship songs lasting to an hour or more.
  3. Talking it out with a friend. This is usually cathartic, given, of course, that the friend is someone who knows how to listen and help “process” what I am going through. We all need to have friends who can handle not only a happy and joyful us but also a burdened and broken us. 
  4.  Reading inspiring stories, the Bible. Stories of people who overcome adversities and challenges in life are very helpful during our own personal challenging times. Reading God’s promises in the Bible is hope-stirring 🙂
  5. Praying to God. Talking to God will have to be part of this list. After all, this life is our journey with Him. And He has given us both love and life (you and I are part of that world mentioned in John 3: 16 🙂 ).

We will have difficult days but they will not last forever. There’s a season and time for everything — the season of hardship will eventually give way to one of singing again (Song of Songs 2:11-13).