No Other Love

About 18 years ago, I heard a song from Vineyard Worship which deeply blessed me.

It is a reminder that over all and in the end, there is really only One who can fulfill the deepest thirsts in my life: “All my fountains are in You.” (Psalm 87:7)

I found out that what may have been the 1st version starts with: “There is no other friend…”, however another version begins with “There is no other love…”.  The 1st version is entitled No Other, the 2nd one is No Other Love. Below is the No Other Love version.

The song is penned by the musically gifted (anointed) David Ruis who I had the privilege of meeting in a Vineyard Regional Conference in Bangkok, Thailand some time in 2002. I ended up in that conference upon the invitation of friends from Vineyard Philippines who were part of the conference. These friends were actually pastors and leaders who were also supportive of my mission work then in Thailand.

It seemed like such a long time ago when I heard the  song the first time. It seemed like ages ago when I was in Thailand. Yet just as it is then, the message is still true: All my fountains are in Him.

There is no one else who can meet you and me where we are, whatever season in life we are in.

May we never forget that. And may we never cease seeking Him.

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