3 Basic Considerations in Getting a Perfect Family Car

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So you’re getting a huge bonus at work this year and you’re seeing this as a go-signal to finally get a new family car.

You and I can, of course, go to all kinds of thoughts as to what kind, make or color of car we want. But the keyword is FAMILY 🙂 And so it means, that if it’s a family car, we are not just considering a car for our own use but for the whole family.

What could be a perfect family car then? Perhaps these 3 things can be part of your consideration as you plan and prepare to purchase that car:

  1. Space. The roominess has to be part of your basic consideration. If it’s a car for the family, you do need all that space. This is no time for getting small vehicles. Make your family drives comfortable and for the family that can also spell as space. You might find the roomier 2018 Ford Expedition the one your family needs this year.
  2. Safety Features. Well, when you think about it, even if the car is not for the whole family, this consideration has to be part and even top of your list. Make sure to know what safety features are found in the car you have in mind. And if you are not convinced with what it has to offer, take time to check out other models, other brands even.
  3. Price. Make sure the price is right for the car that fits your family’s needs. Don’t go all cheap. And no need to overspend either. Compare prices, check when sale prices or special discounts are available.

If indeed 2018 is the right time to get your perfect family car, may the 3 above tips be of help to you.

Remember to drive safely and enjoy with your family 🙂

Back to Blogging

There  was some problem with my hosting since the last week of January  that had me thinking that perhaps it’s time to quit blogging.

I also thought that as I got busy with my part-time work which is not an online job anyway, that yes, it might just be the time to bid blogging good bye.

Well, suffice it to say that there are two things that made me think of maybe staying in blogging a bit longer. Actually, thinking about it now, there are three 🙂

One is the willingness of my brother to help sort out the “hosting hiccup” (hopefully, it all gets sort out by next week), money that came in to pay a new host/hosting plan and the email of a contact (which came in just this morning) asking me to consider writing an article/review of a product/service.

Ah, maybe this is still the year to blog then.

It’s been 7 years since I began my 1st blog post on a paid domain and hosting. Perhaps this 7th year may not mark the end but rather a new beginning.