It’s True: Not All Who Wander are Lost

Are you unsure what to do next in your life? Or perhaps it’s not you but it’s your loved one or close friend who feels that way.

There maybe times when we are not so sure what step to take next after a career change, a relocation or a change of status. Or it could be that you sense that after a time of prayer, God is putting you in the waiting room.

Well then, perhaps this infographic will bring a smile to your face or to your loved one or friend who sees it 🙂

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Welcoming the New Year

How was 2018 for you?

It was a year of learning and blessings for me. The last quarter of the year kept me on my feet as I was invited to speak during several training events and seminars. One of them was with the Department of Social Welfare and Development which I wrote about here and one was a with college which I also wrote about here.

Well, I look forward to a fresh year of new insights and personal growth and receiving blessings and sharing them to others.

May 2019 be a blessed, fruitful and purposeful year for us all 🙂